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  •   Welcome to Cornerstone Benefice

    United Benefice of:-

    Bolsterstone: St.Mary

    Deepcar and Stocksbridge: St.John

    Stocksbridge Christian Centre (Joint project with the Methodist Church)



    St. Mary's is now open for Individual Private Prayer:  Wednesdays 10.00am - 12 noon

    St. John's & St. Mary's will be reopening for Public Worship in September: Watch this space for details of times etc.

    On-Line services & reflections still available: Visit our YouTube Channel  Cornerstone Benefice YouTube

    Keep in Touch: Make sure you keep in touch with the latest church news by ensuring that you are on the Benefice email list.

    Email cornerstonebenefice@gmail.com   with your email address if you wish to be added to the mailing list.

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    Join us for Online worship Sundays at 10am

    via the link below 

    Cornerstone Benefice YouTube Channel

    Earlier Sunday services, Holy Week meditations, and other Mid-week reflections are also available


    'Prayers and Worship at Home' from the Christian Centre

    Live Sunday ZOOM Service - 10.00am

    Contact Revd. James H. Grayson to get an invite link - j.h.grayson@sheffield.ac.uk

    A list of lectionary readings, prayers and hymns for each day of the week is also available by email or by post.



  • Prayer

    Weekly ZOOM Prayer Meeting - 2.00pm Wed - email Phil Hall philtheowl@hotmail.com to get an invite link.

    New to Prayer - Why not check out trypraying - details on the Prayer Pages


    “Prayer for Many Gifts” by Stephen Cherry

    Give me, O Lord, a calm soul and a clear head, a broad mind and a generous spirit.

    Give me, a warm heart and a listening ear, my true voice and a gentle touch.

    Give me, a hunger for justice and a thirst for peace, a passion for

    truth and a love of mercy.

    Give me, a painter’s eye and a poet’s tongue, a saint’s patience and a prophet’s hope.

    Give me, a sage’s wisdom and a fool’s delight, a pilgrim’s purpose and an angel’s content. Amen.

    Coronavirus Prayer Experiment - An opportunity to pray more during this season, which for many is one of enforced inactivity. Check out the Prayer Pages for the full story and the inspiration behind it or listen to the audio clip.